Monday, January 01, 2007


CHIMINIGAGUA- Principal Of Creation

According to legend, Chiminigagua created the universe and is considered the Supreme Being. The black birds that he launched into the air originated light, which, by condensation, later became the sun, reflection of the moon, as well as the rainbow whose name is "cuchaviva".

The story goes as that a woman, named Bachue, emerged from the depths of the waters of the Iguaque Lake and brought with her a 3 year old child. Time went on and the child grew up. The two were then joined in matrimony,married each other, and their descendents settled the earth. Once it was a populated world and these two beings were old, they descended back into the water again, leaving the natives a world of knowledge. Two big serpents came out in their place.

As the world of humanity had reached its greatest point, there came from the cold highlands of "chingaza" in the east of the savannah, Bochica. A wise old man grey haired and long bearded who wore a tunic and carried a gold scepter in his hand. Bochica preached and taught good conduct and customs to the people in the savannah and set a moral code. This founder of civilization showed them how to sow, how to build houses, how to weave cotton and natural fibers, and how to shape and fire clay pots. He also taught them how to figure time and determine the right times for planting and for harvesting.

At a time when the savannah was flooded by the corrupt action of Chibchacun, god of waters, Bochica invited the great chiefs to go with him to the region of Tequendama. When they got there, he climbed on top of the rainbow and with his sceptor tapped the rocks. The waters found a way to flow and drain the savannah. That's how the Tequendama waterfalls were formed. Bochica then ordered Chibchacun to carry the earth on his shoulders. The natives believed that when Chibchacun got tired, he switched shoulders and caused earthquakes.

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